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BEING Supported – FAQ’s for Health Professionals and Service Providers

What is BEING Supported?

BEING Supported is a free non-crisis telephone and online (Warmline) peer support service available to people living in NSW who might be feeling isolated, alone, or concerned or distressed with the current COVID pandemic situation and would like someone to talk to.

BEING Supported is staffed by trained and skilled Peer Support Specialists all of whom have their own lived/living experience of mental health issues and are equipped to provide peer support and referrals to other services as required.

How can BEING Supported help my clients?

The BEING Supported Peer Support Specialists each bring their own unique expertise through their own lived experience with mental health issues, system access or trauma history. They will provide support, information or referrals in an empathic and non-judgmental way. The warmline can provide additional and complementary support to any psychotherapy or professional counselling.

Do I need to provide a referral to BEING Supported?

No referral is required to access the BEING Supported warmline. We accept calls from anyone who feels they may benefit from the service. This includes people who may be contacting the warmline for themselves, family and carers, or professionals seeking referral information for their clients.

What hours are BEING Supported open?

BEING Supported is open seven days a week between the hours of 10am to 4pm, and 6pm to 10pm. The Warmline can be contacted via phone on 1800 151 151.

What do the Peer Support Specialists do?

Peer Support Specialists are there to provide peer support, information, referrals or just to listen to caller’s concerns or issues. Our Peer Support Specialists work within the values and principles of peer support work including mutuality and reciprocity, respect, empathy and promoting empowerment and hope.

How can I support BEING Supported as a service/quality manager, clinician, peer worker or support worker?

  • Promoting the BEING Supported warmline with all staff and clients of your
  • Display flyers of the BEING Supported warmline in community and inpatient settings. If you would like to request some physical flyers to be delivered to your service, please email us at
  • Talk about the warmline in group settings to let people know that BEING Supported can be a source of support for people during inpatient stays and community care

How is BEING Supported funded?

BEING – Mental Health Consumers Inc. (managing organisation) has received funding through the NSW Government and the Mental Health Commission of NSW to establish BEING Supported as a 6- month pilot program. Extensive evaluation processes have been implemented to ascertain the effectiveness of the initial pilot, with the hope for a formal extension of the program beyond into 2021.